We serve the unmet and underserved needs of the veterinary medicine community.
Our Story
Serving unmet and underserved needs of the veterinary medicine community.

In 1978, four men came together, each with a handful of money, their industry expertise, and a huge dose of optimism to create PRN® Pharmacal, Inc. They were fueled by a vision to service the unmet, underserved and overlooked medical needs of the veterinary medicine community to help veterinarians treat acute and chronic diseases and conditions that could be life-altering or life-threatening for animals.

Since then, PRN® Pharmacal has served as leaders in development and improvement of veterinary products that address unmet needs with unprecedented passion.

This is our story. This is our focus.

From the Fringes to the Fold
PRN® Pharmacal is helping Veterinarians Maximize Quality of Life for Animals and Quality of Care for Animal Lovers.

Unlike PRN® Pharmacal, many pharmaceutical companies decide against developing therapeutics for underserved categories. Compelled by our values, we are intensely focused to research and develop products for diseases and conditions often disregarded or neglected—placing therapeutics that were once unavailable within reach of veterinarians and removing barriers to effective, reliable treatment options.

We focus our efforts on arming vets, animal caregivers, and the animal health industry with an arsenal of worry-free tools—therapeutics, nutraceuticals, and medical supplies—that allow them to confidently and readily treat diseases and conditions that impact the quality of life for animals and their owners.


Our 5-year pipeline.

PRN® Pharmacal is committed to the development of specialized therapeutics, and continuously explores and evaluates new opportunities for much-needed products in the industry.

Conceptualization & Acquisition



Submissions & Evaluations



Approvals & Commercialization



Our Commitment
As Needed, When Needed.

what we’re about.

Our dedication goes beyond mission statements and company mottos. Our commitment to quality and to the veterinary medicine community is written into our DNA and our name—as needed, when needed.

we’re specialized.

Because of our size, we’re agile and flexible—pursuing innovative products developments and formulations that fill a void and impact the health of farm and companion animals, the veterinarians who treat them and the people who rely on them for companionship and livelihood.

we use ingredients and standards intended for people.

We want the best for our furry friends. That’s why we adhere to manufacturing standards and ingredients intended for human consumption, but made for animals.

we take our job personally.

As an employee-owned company, every person on our team has a personal stake in our success, which in turn means that everyone is motivated to perform the best, produce the best and create an experience and product we’re all proud of.

we’re partners.

We listen to and collaborate with our stakeholders—employees, partners and customers—in a continuous effort to solve unique problems with innovative solutions and products.