Animal Owner

We’re the people your veterinarian trusts.

You depend on your veterinarian for solutions that address your pet and animal needs. We partner with veterinarians to develop and offer specialized products that address very special cases.

Now, learn more about the people who are bringing much needed therapeutics to nearly all veterinarian clinics across the United States.

Not Your Average Pharmaceutical Company
We’re a different kind of pharmaceutical company. How different? We’re glad you asked.

Finding New Solutions

We’re intensely focused on developing opportunities where none existed, creating special products that address special cases—so veterinarians have more treatment options readily available and at their disposal.


We pledge allegiance to our values for which we stand. We don’t answer to shareholders or investors. We answer to our morals and compassion for animals—and the veterinary community that serves them.

Follow our hearts

We lead with our hearts—blending passion with scientific reason to develop unique approaches and therapeutics that are needed, but also motivated by compassion and a willingness to do what’s right.

Partner-Centric Team Advantage

Superior care and superior products go hand-in-hand. We work with our veterinarians as partners, solving unmet needs with unmatched collaboration.

Founded in Values

We’ve been around. Since 1978, we’ve focused exclusively on values-centric therapeutic manufacturing for addressing unmet medical needs in veterinary medicine.

Support with Science

Passion and focus are not enough. We test ourselves and our products under the rigors of quality research standards for efficacy, safety and reliability so you can trust in the quality of every product we produce.